They are one family united in one voice because of  One Lord.  Singing is one of the myriad ways they praise the Lord.

   So much musicality in all six brothers is not surprising.  They inherited their “singing genes” from their mom, Socorro, a mezzo-soprano, who taught them the rudiments of music.  Their dad, Paul Locke, who served the United Methodist Church as Bishop for 30 years claims no singing talent, but he instilled in his children a genuine love for the Lord.  These qualities bind the brothers together towards one goal:  To spread the Good News in every song they sing.

     “Granadosin Brothers” was first conceived when the two older siblings, Genesis and Exodus, were featured with their mother in a concert at the Aldersgate College in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines.  Soon after, Leviticus, Charles Locke, Stephen Locke, and Edward Locke joined in to complete the lot.  Since then, Granadosin Brothers became a familiar by-word in the Philippine gospel music scene. 

     Many weekends were committed to singing engagements sponsored by civic organizations and United Methodist local churches and organizations all over the Philippines.  They performed at the celebrations, which marked the 75th and 80th years of United Methodism in the Philippines.  In 1986, the brothers, together with the Philippine government Department of Tourism Choir, traveled to Honolulu, Hawaii to assist in the evangelism and fund-raising campaign of the Hawaii District UMC.  Between April and June of 1992, they went across mainland USA performing in New Jersey, Texas, and California.            However, the highlight of this trip was the opportunity to sing at the General Conference in Louisville, Kentucky where their father retired from the Episcopacy.  An astounding standing ovation marked the performance. 

     Individual careers led to relocations to other parts of the country and abroad.  The physical distance among the brothers made it difficult to bring all of the six together in song.  However, in June of 2000, they were invited, once again, to sing at the General Conference of the United Methodist Church in Cleveland, Ohio.  After a long hiatus, all six brothers stood up before the general Church to deliver God’s message in one voice.  That General Conference retired Bishop Granadosin a second time.  He was reinstated to the Episcopacy in 1996 to serve another four years.

     The year 2001 was a very sad year for the Granadosins.  On October 4, the beloved Bishop passed away.  As a final tribute to their father, the Granadosin Brothers offered a concert where they conveyed that their father’s legacy would continue in the songs that they sing.  

     To commemorate a lifetime of service to the United Methodist Church, some friends of the family and lay leaders of the Philippine United Methodist Church have established the Bishop and Mrs. Paul Locke A. Granadosin Foundation whose objective is to provide opportunities for ministers’ wives in the Philippines to acquire higher education or skills so that they can be assets in their spouses’ ministries.  The Granadosin Brothers have committed to help in this ministry.


The brothers and their families are now settled in the United States.  They are all actively involved in the ministries of their respective churches.  They have decided to continue the ministry they started years ago; that of spreading God’s work in song.  Undoubtedly, the Lord has greater plans for the brothers.  He has brought them together once again so they can carry on their dad’s legacy, and most importantly, God’s legacy to spread Christian love to everyone.  Type your paragraph here.


              Hold those books! Young minds aspiring to become church workers or seasoned workers in God’s vineyard who yearn to advance their knowledge with new and exciting ideas for service can use them. You can now transfer the knowledge you have possessed for so long – that they will follow in your footsteps -- to those who cannot afford to buy those useful books. Donate them to NAFAUM (National Association of Filipino American United Methodists).

              In conjunction with the NAFAUM BalikBayanihan 2018, we are collecting used textbooks or reference books to fill the needs of libraries of United Methodist theological and Christian   education learning centers in the Philippines. With your help and those books, God’s reign on earth will prevail.

              If you are not able to donate a book, you may donate money to pay for the shipping of the books. We will acknowledge your donation. Thanks. 

               For details of this NAFAUM project, write to or call:

NIC—REV. DR. NOAH PANLILIO – Malta United Methodist Church, 201 E. Sprague, Malta, IL 60150;; 815-825-2118 or 312-301-3800.

IGRC—DS STEPHEN GRANADOSIN— Illinois Great Rivers Conference/Spoon River District, 120 N. Kellogg St., Galesburg, IL 61401;; 309-344-1435.

CAL-PAC—REV. NELSON CASTORILLO—First Wilmington UMC, 928 Lagoon Ave., Wilmington, CA 90744;; 310-834-6834 or 909-538-7606.

CAL-NEV—MS. RUBY BAGO — 4660 N. Island View, Clovis, CA  93619;;  559-304-4830.

PNW—REV. JOHN MARK GALANG—Beacon UMC—7301 Beacon Ave. , Seattle, WA 98108;; 206-722-5042.

VA — REV. JESUS DE LOS SANTOS—Resurrection UMC, 1322 Centerville Tnpke N., Chesapeake, VA. 23320;; 757-479-0452 or 757-351-2759 

Coordinator:   MR. PONG JAVIER – 17501 Cloverview Drive, Tinley Park, IL 60477;; 708-268-7003.

                               or check the following links:             website: 

Books will be shipped by October 15, 2017, to arrive in Manila by December 15, 2017.

To donate by check, mail to: NAFAUM Treasurer, 6247 Meadowlark St. NE, Rockford, MI 49341

To donate by PayPal, send email (plus $ amount) to the NAFAUM Treasurer:           


                             44 YEARS
                      Asuncion A. Perez   Memorial  Center, Inc.

The Woman Behind the Name




Mrs. Asuncion Arriola-Perez 1893—1967         

Asuncion A. Perez is a renowned social worker and a Methodist whose unselfish devotion to serve others is worthy of emulation and respect, thus it was most appropriate to name the center after her. She is the first fully qualified social service worker to be appointed to the Cabinet in 1948 under President Elpidio Quirino.  Mrs. Perez had the privilege to serve under four Philippine presidents:  Manuel L. Quezon, Sergio Osmena, Dr. Manuel Roxas and Elpidio Quirino.

The Institution (A Brief History)

Asuncion A. Perez Memorial Center, Inc. started in 1969 as relief committee of the Board of Women’s Work.  It was called the Coordinating Committee of the United Methodist Women’s Action Group—COCUMWAG.  
It was formally organized as center and blossomed into a full grown non-stock, non-profit organization on January 12, 1970.  On January 12, 1972, the center was incorporated as a non-stock, nonprofit charitable organization named after a renowned social worker Mrs. Asuncion Arriola-Perez.

  Mission Statement

As a social service arm of the United Methodist Church, we commit ourselves to facilitate opportunities for the attainment of security and empowerment of women, youth and children inspired by the principles of social holiness. 

 Programs & Services

 Community-based non-formal Christian education

program that provides alternative values-formation

and bible-based teachings in a more relaxed and

community-friendly medium such as arts, crafts,

music and storytelling.
Partnered with a supplemental soup kitchen for the alleviation of hunger and
to provide for the needed physical nourishment of each children.

 Kalye Kwitib 
Offers alternative safe sanctuary for the children of the streets, where they can read, play, learn stories and experience being a child as what they actually are. This hopes to take them away even for a while from the heat of the sun and violence cradle streets. 

Vacation Community School
Daily Vacation Christian School in the context of a community.  Being offered to all the AAPMCI communities every summer, whether  urban poor, indigenous or rural communities using Vacation Church School materials.

 Volunteer Formation Program
 Asuncion Perez commits itself to promote values formation activities through retreat and recollection, reflection session and immersion programs by ensuring faithbased approach and gearing towards community-service and development.  There will be set of modules for our volunteers (ladderized and developmental).  Asuncion Perez offers continous capacity building program for our volunteers and continously offers volunteering opportunities.

Church and Community-based Disaster Preparedness and
Relief  Distribution Program

 Conducts trainings and workshops on the Basic concepts of Disaster Management and Understanding Disasters focusing on the Scope, Phases and Activities in Disaster Management. Provides skills in Disaster Risk Reduction Management and facilitates Church/Community Disaster Drill.  Engages in post-disaster relief distribution to disaster affected areas.


Student Assistance Program
 Provides monetary assistance in the form of monthly allowance to indigent students from the partner communities in support of their schooling.

Summer youth leadership and development program which promotes community work ministry and volunteerism through immersion and living with and among the community.

 For more information, contact:
Rm. 209, UMC Bldg.,
900 United Nations Avenue Ermita, Manila  
E-mail:;  Facebook: Asuncion A. Perez



KEYNOTE SPEAKER at the Balikbayanihan 2018 in Manila

The REV. DR. ELIZABETH S. TAPIA will be the keynote speaker              

at the Balikbayanihan 2018.  She is a GBGM missionary assigned

in the Philippines (Project #30220664).         

She currently serves as professor of theology, Bible, and mission at John Wesley College in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan.  Prior to her move back to the Philippines, she was director of mission theology for Global Ministries. Eliz was earlier on the staff of Drew University Theological School in Madison NJ and held the United Methodist chair of missiology at the Bossey Ecumenical Institute of the World Council of Churches in Switzerland.

Eliz taught for many years at the Union Theological Seminary in Cavite City and at Harris Memorial College. She completed degrees from both schools. Her Master of Divinity Degree is from Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley; her PhD in theology and education was earned from the Claremont Graduate University in Claremont CA. 

Eliz is an elder in the Bulacan Philippines Annual Conference (Manila Episcopal Area). Her husband, the Rev. Alan D. Cogswell, shares her ministry in and outside the Philippines. The couple is becoming proficient in Ilocano, the language spoken in their mission field. 



Philippines Central Conference of The United Methodist Church

BAGUIO EPISCOPAL AREA – Bishop Pedro Torio / Methodist Mission Center, 10 Marcos Highway, P.O. Box 87, 2600 Baguio City, Philippines / (63) 74 442 2879 / Fax (63) 74 304 2653 /

Bishop Torio currently represents the Philippines Central Conference in the Commission on Central Conference Theological Scholarship and Continuing Education Financial Assistance Funds for the Baguio Episcopal Areas. He is also the bishop assigned to the Commission on the Way Forward, the Philippines Central Conference Division of Ordained Ministry, Council on Finance and Administration, and the University Senate. He presently leads the University Senate in developing the first Accreditation Standards for United Methodist theological education institutions. During the 2016 General Conference, he was nominated and voted director of the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries for 2017-2020.

Bishop Torio and his wife, Joyce, have four children.

DAVAO EPISCOPAL AREA – Bishop Rodolfo Alfonso Juan / Spottswood UM Mission Center, Quezon Boulevard, Kidapawan City 9400, Philippines / (63) 64 82 572 7331 /

Bishop Juan is president of the College of Bishops of the denomination’s central conferences, made up of 19 episcopal areas in seven central conferences in Africa, Europe and the Philippines. He is vice chair of the clergy of the National Council of Churches in the Philippines. He is also a member of the boards of trustees of Wesleyan University-Philippines, Philippines Christian University, Union Theological Seminary, Kapatiran Kaunlaran Foundation Inc., Harris Memorial College and Mary Johnston Hospital.

Bishop Juan and his wife, Dr. Lurleen Lapuz Juan, have two children.

MANILA EPISCOPAL AREA – Bishop Ciriaco Q. Francisco / United Methodist Headquarters, P.O. Box 756, 900 United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila 1000, Philippines / (63) 2 523 0297; Fax (63) 2 521-2278 /

Bishop Francisco is a member of the Council of Bishops and the executive committee of the College of Bishops; vice chairperson of the Connectional Table; chairperson of the Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters. He is also president of the College of Bishops of the Philippines Central Conference.

Bishop Francisco and his wife, Restetita Victoria, have three children and three grandchildren.

The Philippines Central Conference, with the Manila Episcopal Area as Host 
Area, and NAFAUM are joining forces to make this historic event to happen.

​​​​​​​                                                         The Convocation Program Concept 

THEREFORE GO -- that powerful message of the 2016 General Conference theme will echo in Manila in the native tongue, Dahil dito kayo’y humayo . . .  The message is the same.  MISSION is the foundation  for BalikBayanihan2018. NAFAUM follows essentially the Theology of Mission of The United Methodist Church in the Philippine context, based on Matthew 28:19-20, the Great Commission.

Come… all Filipino United Methodists in diaspora in North America and around the world.  
See…  the UMC in the Philippines thriving and growing, and learn what core values drive this growth.
Hear… the aspirations of Filipinos and the witness of workers in the field who labor to eradicate poverty and oppressive systems and the social injustice in their land.
Experience…  their energy, and sense of inner joy and peace that make their witness in the church and society vibrant and robust.
Join… in mission projects with our Filipino counterparts and be inspired and  transformed by their perseverance, wisdom, creativity, and resilience; and, live out our mission together in a future with hope.
Celebrate… be treated in mind and heart and spirit by a surfeit of Filipino music and food, in common fellowship together in joyful thanksgiving as God’s people.  

In whatever capacity, we are commissioned to Therefore Go and make disciples for the transformation of the world. Let’s go! Humayo na tayo! 

“. . . the harvest is plentiful (ang aanihin ay marami) . . . Matthew 9:37  

Such is the promise of BalikBayanihan2018           


BalikBayanihan2018 Coordinators:

Ms. Jennifer Ferariza Meneses (  and the Reverend Reuel Javier (    United Methodist Headquarters, 900 United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila 1000                               
Mr. Pong Javier (                                                                                          
17501  Cloverview Drive, Tinley Park,  IL 60477

Mr. Pros Tumonong, Administration, (

6247 Meadowlark NE, Rockford, MI 49341



The following are Featured in the Balikbayanihan  2018 Convocation:  

                             (Watch this Space for More Updates to Come)     

​                                                              GUEST SPEAKERS


                                                      The REVEREND BENER BAYSA AGTARAP assumed on February 1, the                                                          position to head New Church Starts (Path I), a unit of the Discipleship                                                           Ministries (GBOD) based in Nashville. Prior to this appointment, Bener                                                         was superintendent for congregational vitality in the California-                                                                     Nevada Annual Conference.


             At BalikBayanihan 2018, Bener will conduct workshops on congregational development and redevelopment. He has in mind the revitalization of Paglago (luxuriant growth), the NAFAUM program for congregational development, with global flavor and application.

             A native of Manila, he has served the UMC more than 30 years as a seasoned church planter, church administrator, project manager and executive officer of the church. Before moving to the U.S. in 2002 to become the administrative pastor of Cicero and Seymour UMC in Wisconsin, he was superintendent of the Southwest Metro Manila District of the Philippines Annual Conference. Shortly after the Agtarap family moved to the U.S., Bener co-founded a Christian Institute (CI) for the Midwest.  This CI is now sustained by Filipino Americans in Northern Illinois Conference.

             Bener earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Management and Accounting at Philippine School of Business Administration, a Master in Divinity degree at Union Theological Seminary, Philippines, a Master in Business Administration degree at Philippine School of Business Administration, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in development administration at Philippine Christian University.

Bener and his wife Clarita have three adult children: Sola, Kairos, and Kiyah.